Razor Dobbs Kills A Huge Elk With The 10 MM Auto

RD: Killing an elk with a 10mm auto is one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. I’ve carried and hunting we the 10mm since 1995 and I’ve killed hogs, feral goats, deer, plus, the 10mm save my life on one occasion. But when I decided to amp it up for bigger game it was a whole new excitement level.

AL: Were you nervous about having enough gun?

RD: Absolutely not. The 10mm auto is a thunderbolt. Hugely underestimated. You can’t even put it n the same class as a .45 or the like. It’s so flat, so fast, so powerful you can kill big game like elk. It’s the equivalent to a .41 magnum revolver. A real stopping machine. Ya’ just gotta put the bullet in the right spot. But that’s with everything.

AL: How far of a shot was it?

RD: I believe it was 50 or 55 yards. I wanted to get closer, but that was as far as I could get. It felt right at the moment. I was sure I could make the shot because I could make that shot all day at the range. All I had to do was calm down and focus. I had shot a hog, off hand with that 10mm just the day before so I had some fresh confidence that was fueling the situation.

AL: How accurate is the 10mm?

RD: They can be very accurate. I hunt with the Dan Wesson RZ-10 10mm and it’s precision. It’s a hunting model in the 1911 frame. The out-of-the-box trigger is perfect. The sights are adjustable as well. Over all, that Dan Wesson feels great and that’s pretty much what it’s all about for me. It’s got the power for sure, so It’s all about controlling and directing that power to where you want it to go. When you do that, big stuff hits the ground quickly.

AL: How big was the elk?

RD: It sounds weird, but I don’t remember. I’ll have to check. It was somewhere between 360 and 380. Just a huge horny monster.

AL: What’s next with the Dan Wesson RZ-10 10mm auto?

RD: Who knows? Hogs and deer for sure and if I get another chance at an elk, I’m going for it.

Razor Dobbs
BladeVision Films, LLC

Read more at Razor Dobbs Alive


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